Libby Watkins &
Deb Dursky

Breeding Since 1989




West Des Moines, Iowa







About Us



Our goal is to breed healthy, large, shaggy coated Maine Coons with a gentle, loving personality.


We want our kittens to have long & healthy lives.  Although we know that some indoor/outdoor cats can live long lives, unfortunately most do not.  We have heard many heartbreaking stories from pet owners who have lost their beloved pet to some preventable accident because their pet was allowed outside.  This will not happen to any Thorsgard kittens as we will never sell any of our kittens to be an indoor/outdoor cat nor will we sell to any homes who have an indoor/outdoor cat.  Please understand that we have invested too much love in our wonderful kittens to risk exposing them to an uncertain and risky environment.


Show Stoppers


Over the years, we have both bred and shown several National Winning and many Regional Winning cats in CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). These include Norwegian Forest Cats, Birmans, Maine Coons and Abyssinians. Although we now only breed Maine Coons, we are proud of these top winners.


  • GP, NW Thorsgard Lowspark-of-Higheeledboys

  • GC, NW Thorsgard Escalade

  • GC, NW Thorsgard Tipper

  • GP, NW Truluck Hot Rocks of Thorsgard

  • GP, NW Thorsgard's Artic Monkey

  • GC, GP, NW Thorsgard Bailey

  • GP, NW Thorskatt's Lou-Wegie of Skogeier







Katmaindu Cattery began in 1989 based in St. Louis, MO.  We are now located in West Des Moines, Iowa, about a 3 hour drive from Kansas City,  a 4 hour drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, and a 6 hour drive from St. Louis, MO, or Milwaukee, WI.  The owners of Katmaindu Maine Coons are Libby Watkins and Deb Dursky. 


Thorsgard Cattery originated in 1997. The owners of Thorsgard Norwegian Forest Cats are Deb Dursky and Libby Watkins.  Deb's experience in the breeding and showing of award winning Norwegians (or "Wegies" as they are commonly known as) dates back to 1994 when she was one of the original owners of the Norskskogkat Cattery.